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6 11 2009
Irv Arons


I’d like to reproduce at least part of your blog about Avastin vs Lucentis on my blog.

I have written extensively on this subject with over 30 posts.

Take a look, Irv Arons’ Journal:

Irv Arons

29 01 2010
laurie green

as a tech i am interested in updating our F.A. anaphylaxis protocol. as listed in article in Retinal Physician jan/feb 2010: please share. Thank you

18 07 2010

dear sir ,

i m a resident in ophthalmology in India .

i ‘ll highly be grateful if you can please answer my queries .

(1) will all the patients of macular BRVO have vision loss ? if not then why does not all patient ‘ve vision loss ?
(2) what ‘ll be the differnce in the IOL power calculation in patients who is operated for posterior segment Surgeries like RD Sx, vitrectomy ?

thanking you in advance.
Please share .

Dr Manan

25 07 2010

Vision loss occurs as a result of the amount of edema. Depending on the location and extend of the BRVO there can be a range of edema at the fovea. It can also be related to secondary ischemia.

The primary issue with posterior segment surgeries and IOL calcuations is to make the proper correction in ultrasound velocity for individuals who have silicone oil in place. The velocity varies depending on the type of oil used. Unless this correction is made during IOL calculation, there can be siginficant power errors. Scleral buckles, especially cirucumfrencial ones can effectively lengthen the eye, and the axial length will thus be longer on A-scan. If a patient has a tractional RD affecting the fovea, it can effectively shorten the axial length since the retina is not lying flat on the sclera. In cases of vitrectomies without silicone oil, there is no effect on IOL power calculations.

25 07 2010

thnaks very much

29 07 2010

dear sir in context with macular BRVO , i ve another question ..
why in this disease there is a relative and not an absolute scotoma …

ve a nice time .

regards ,
Dr manan

26 08 2010

kindly share standard dosing protocol & follow up for intravitreal triamcinolone acetonide in diffuse macular edema in diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusion patients.


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